13 Head-Turning Planters & Vases For The Modern Home

We are so fond of indoor plants that finding one-of-a-kind pots and planters worthy of our beloved leafy friends can be challenging. The best choices though not only need to be truly versatile, but should also turn heads! They should be stylish enough for living rooms and bedrooms and durable enough for patios, balconies, and other outdoor spaces.

We've hand selected some head-turning designs to fit any room in your home, from sculptural resin vases to marcrame hangers to handmade wooden hydropoinc planters with a twist. Many are large enough to give plants plenty of room to expand as well. Cross your green thumbs and let's get started! 

1. Blooming Becky Flower Vase

Blooming Becky carries herself with effortless grace wherever she goes! The silent one in the room at a buzzing party who doesn't draw a lot of attention, but at the same time catches the eye with her self-assured and confident, yet humble smile.

The Blooming Becky Flower Vase provides a beautiful home for all your flower combinations, both real or artificial. At about 10" in height, hand crafted with high quality resin, it is versatile enough to host most of your flower arrangements. In a single glance, it will turn heads, liven up your room and bring a smile to your face!


My heart sprouts for you! 💗 This one-of-a-kind flower vase is guaranteed to turn heads in any setting. The Sprouting Heart Flower Vase will be a refreshingly unique addition to your home decor!

Hand-made with environmentally friendly resin, this vase is suitable for small stalks, dry flowers and shrubs. In a single glance, the Sprouting Heart is bound to grab attention, liven up your room and bring a smile to your face! 🍀🍀

The Sprouting Heart comes in two colors, White and Gold and in 3 different sizes. 

3. Fonda Kraft Paper Bag Ceramic Pot 

🍃 The Fonda Kraft Paper Bag Ceramic Pot provides a unique and eye-catching home for all your beautiful plants that will stand out in any corner of your living space. 

The kraft paper bag designed pot is made of ceramic and has natural looking folds. The pots also have a hole at the bottom for optimal drainage and comes with a tray as well. 

4. Ms. Rosey Cheeks Planter

Ms. Rosey Cheeks carries herself into any room with an air of quiet serenity. With her peaceful look and knowing smile, Ms. Rosey Cheeks will cheer you up each time you glance at her. 🤗🍃 Add some warmth, joy and intrigue to your room with Ms. Rosey Cheeks! 

Ms. Rosey Cheeks provides a cute and head-turning planter to beautifully complement your home. Made of environmentally-friendly resin, it is safe and non-toxic for your plant. The planter has a drainage hole as well and is very suitable for growing succulents, herbs, cacti and other small plants or flowers. 

5. Scent of a Woman Vase 

Elegant. Classy. Sophisticated. She carries herself with an air of dignity that is the hallmark of true royalty. Sophistication that brings with it the quiet confidence in knowing that she stands a class apart from everyone else.

The Scent Of A Women Vase provides a unique and attractive vase for your flowers and small plants that will definitely give a distinctive and sophisticated look to your space. Made of environmentally friendly, high-quality resin, each vase is designed for a stand-out look.

6. Woodness Gracious Hydroponic Planter 

🍃 The Woodness Gracious Hydroponic Planter can turn any plant into a decorative focal point in your space. Perfect for propagation, the pure handmade woodwork is sure to give your cuttings a natural home and keep it in the most natural looking surroundings. 


🍃 The Venti Modern Perforated Cement Planter Pot provides a fresh, modern take on your standard planter pot. A unique and eye-catching design with perforations that is sure to turn heads in any setting that it is placed in. The pots also have a hole at the bottom for optimal drainage.

8. Lucas & Luna Vase 

Lucas & Luna are the cutest mother and baby pair you'll come across! Baby Lucas is a bundle of energy and mischief, while Lady Luna is the regal mother keeping a watchful eye on her restless son! 

The Lucas & Luna Vase Set provides a unique home for your flowers and small plants that will give your living space a delightful look. It is made of high-quality resin, with each vase is designed to spark joy and bring a smile to your face at each glance. 

9. Ceramic Hand Flower Vase 

🍃 The Ceramic Hand Flower Vase provides a unique and eye-catching vase for your flowers and small plants that will stand out in any corner of your home. Each vase is made of ceramic for a stand out look. 

It looks stunning on its own or in a pair! 🍀🍀


Running out of shelf space? No problem! The Handwoven Macrame Hanging Planter Pods (Set of 3) provide an elegant and classy look for your ferns, succulents, and small air plants. Think of them like three sweet little hammocks for your plants!  🍀🍀

It is a perfect hanging tapestry for flowers and plants, and will fit right in with your home decor. Handwoven and made of premium cotton, the basket is durable and sturdy.


Give your precious succulents a cool bathtub to lounge in! The Darcy Ceramic Succulent Bathtub looks great around the house but would also look good sitting on your desk at the office! A drainage hole is at the bottom to ensure your plants drain correctly after watering. It is ideal for succulents, fresh clippings and cacti. 

The included metal golden stand provides the perfect platform for the bathtub and your beautiful succulents. 🍀🍀


🍃 This Vertical Iron Hanging Decorative Planter provides an elegant and classy home for your ferns, succulents and small plants. The iron frame is minimalist and fits easily into almost any surrounding.

It comes in two attractive colors with each looking stunning on its own or in a pair! 🍀🍀


Give your succulents a beautiful patterned ceramic pot to lounge in! The Dennis Ceramic Succulent Planter looks great around the house but would also look good sitting on your desk at the office! It is ideal for succulents, fresh clippings and cacti.

The included wooden frame provides the perfect platform for the pot and a natural, neutral color tone that will allow it fit into any room. 🍀🍀

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